Creating Your Cards

Adding Your Medicine Words

Now that you have created the base for your cards and have done the writing exercise, it is time to choose words to add. These are your own personal set of words that will inspire you to bring more medicine into your life. There are a few options for adding words to your cards:

  • hand write your words onto your cards

  • type your words in a word file, choose a font you like, print, cut and add to your cards

  • use words from the list I create if they resonate with you. You can click here to access a set of words I created.

  • use letter stamps to stamp on your words

Collage and Paint Time

In this video, I share step by step how to add your collage, washi tape, paint and words to your cards. I also show you how to embellish your cards with a white gel pen and black micron felt pen.

Click here for a step-by-step PDF on creating your cards.

link to download video

With many expectations on our time in life, it can be challenging to remain grounded and focused on the real priorities of life. Engaging in a creative activity is an effective way to bring balance, feel energized and restored.


Bonus Video

In this video I create a second set of cards using a different colour scheme. Create as many sets of cards as you like! This video is time lapsed. Enjoy!

link to download video

Now you have your cards complete!!