Writing Exercise


Guiding Questions

Here are a set of guiding questions to help you capture Earth’s Mother's story:

  • what are some words that come to mind when you think of the earth?

  • what are some words related to mother that come to mind?

  • what does Earth Mother do?

  • what are some of her qualities?

  • how would you describe her essence?

  • does she have a message for us?

Video: Writing Exercise

In this video, I lead you through a writing exercise to capture her story in a short poem or story. If you are scared to do it, think of only writing one line (or maybe 3). Enjoy!

link to download video

She Whispers to Us

She is steadfast through time

Enduring the cycles

Her heart beats strong

She hosts us with her love

Bringing ancient wisdoms

‘We are all one’ she whispers

Stone, earth, fire, wind

Life connected across oceans, air, and lands

One home- one family


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