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Connecting to Your Piece

Ever struggle with a painting and not feel a connection with it? That is what happened to me when I created this painting. I show the whole process including how I work through this challenge. 



“I recently had the honour of working one-on-one with Melanie creating my first multi-media portrait. Faces were not my forte, but it was a fun and challenging process diving into a new medium. Melanie guided me through the process step-by-step, without judgment - just gentle support and encouragement - offering me suggestions and options throughout. I experienced a spectrum of emotions in the process, from surprise at how wonderful some of the techniques looked, to strong negative judgment of my own creation. After getting off the emotional roller coaster of self-judgment, I now look at my painting with appreciation and wonder, and love it enough to place it by my meditation altar! Melanie's calm and playful style helped me to take creative risks and have fun with the process”, Janey Chang.

Royalty Free Photos

I've curated some royalty free photographs of female portraits in These make great reference photos. You can click link below to view the collection I curated. 

Self-Compassion Resources

Dr Kristen Neff has some amazing self-guided, self-compassion meditations. These are helpful when building a self-compassionate art practice (and life!!). 


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