Guided Meditation

I’m offering a guided meditation and a writing exercise to find your own medicine words. Feel free to do both or do one or other that you feel more drawn to.

link to download video

Writing Exercise


Writing is a great way to tune inwards and notice how you are feeling in your body, what thoughts are swirling around, and to dream. We will do all of this in the writing exercise.

Guiding Questions

Here is a set of questions to guide your journaling exercise (which are also in the video):

  • Notice how your body is feeling. Move your attention from one end of your body to another and notice sensations, tightness, tingling, pain, areas of relaxation..Just notice and do not judge.

  • Notice your thoughts. Be an observer of your thoughts and do not judge them. If you notice any thoughts that are painful, acknowledge them, say to yourself ‘I see you hurt and I care about you’.

  • Now that we are in the present moment, let’s dream. What in your life energizes you? Are you energized by being around people, being alone? What do you enjoy doing? How do you most want to spend your time?

  • What is missing in your day? in your week? where are you feeling out of balance in your mind? body? spirit?

  • Ask yourself, ‘how can I take really good care of myself today?’ ‘what medicine do I need?'

These questions will help you identify what words you will add to your own set of medicine cards. I go over these questions in the video below.

link to download video

Medicine is… a ritual that nurtures the spirit

Medicine is…a teaching or lesson that we learn to better ourselves

Medicine is…a quality of another being or object that we can apply to our own life

Medicine is…an activity or food that helps strengthen our bodies