Indigenous Art

Raven Voice

Her Raven Wings. Acrylic painting on deer hide drum by Melanie Rivers.

She is wrapped by her raven wings--soothing her in a moment of stillness--giving her space to rest, feel and let go. This is not he first time she has been in this place, but she knows her raven wings will give her the peace she needs to find acceptance. When she is ready again, she will rise up and gently take flight. 

16" diameter, acrylic on deer hide drum, 2018


Humility is an important value for Squamish people. We are taught that our wealth is determined by how much we can give away vs how much we own. Our strength is in our generosity. 

12" x 12" mixed media on wood panel, 2017

Acrylic mixed media painting by Melanie Rivers. Coast Salish.

Spindle Whorl: Women's Strengths

Spindle whorls are used to spin wool using a long wooden spindle and a round wood disc. Coast Salish people have been using them for thousands of years to spin mountain goat wool and Salish dog wool. Salish dogs had wool instead of fur and my ancestors used their wool in weaving blankets and clothing. This strong woman is wearing an old Salish blanket (1850 or later) that is now housed at the Smithsonian Institution. When our local museum held the 'Fabric of Our Land' exhibit, I was honoured to be able to visit this blanket and to be able to hold it. The woman on this whorl represents the strengths of our women and the vital work they contribute to our community, past and present. 

8" diameter, mixed media on a cherry wood, 2018

spindle whorl was made by Aaron Nelson Moody (my hubby!)


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