Free Mixed Media Art Lessons

Connect to Your Piece

Ever struggle with a painting and not feel a connection with it? That is what happened to me when I created this painting. I show the whole process including how I work through this challenge. 



Raven and Crow Series

In this time lapse video, I share the making of a mixed media Raven and Crow series. I used wood cradle boards in various sizes and created 7 pieces at one time. Each piece has its own inspirational saying.

Royalty Free Photos

I've curated some royalty free photographs of female portraits in These make great reference photos. You can click link below to view the collection I curated. 

Self-Compassion Resources

Dr Kristen Neff has some amazing self-guided, self-compassion meditations. These are helpful when building a self-compassionate art practice (and life!!). 

If you are interested in an art class with me, check out my class page:


Tree Woman ARt Lesson

I created this free mixed media art lesson for my newsletter subscribers. If you are interested in signing up for my newsletter, you will have immediate access to this Tree Woman lesson. Subscribe below.


FaceBook Group

Join my community group where we share our struggles and successes, latest artworks and encourage each other along the way. Imagination, story and play help us connect with ourselves.