Raven and Crow Series: Free Art Video


Free Art Video

I love creating in a series. Across a few pieces, I can find a colour scheme that I enjoy and problem solve design challenges while finding some variation and interest between the pieces.

In this time lapse video, I share the making of a mixed media Raven and Crow series. I used wood cradle boards in various sizes and created 7 pieces at one time. Each piece has its own inspirational saying.

Follow along and create your own series combining images and words that resonate for you. I downloaded royalty free raven and crow images from Pixaby. This is a fun, relaxing way to create inspirational art you can hang on your wall or give as a gift. The wood cradle boards are ready to hang and are a nice hard surface to collage on to. 


  • wood cradle boards

  • assorted collage papers, old book pages, washi

  • white and clear gesso

  • acrylic glazing liquid

  • acrylic matte gel

  • paints: white, purple, quinacridone violet, violet

  • acrylic inks in lime green, blue shade, quinacridone magenta, muted grey

  • pastel pencil in violet and teal, black and white charcoal pencils, white gel pen

  • brayer, bubble wrap

  • spray bottle, old credit card, palette knife

  • assorted brushes

Check out my Raven and Crow images I’ve saved on Pinterest and Unsplash.

Free Time-lapse Video

Enjoy this time-lapse video. 

Video 1

Video 2

Please share your questions and comments below. Remember, to be kind to yourself as you create.

Free mixed media art lesson by Melanie Rivers

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