Story Art

Between Roots and Rings

These tree women are strong, grounded. They connect and communicate through their roots— nourishing each other, expressing their needs and warning each other of danger. Each ring tells a story and situates her present within her life’s history— her periods of growth, times of being stuck, her traumas, when she flourished and where her scars are. Her unique story is found within and between these lines. Their story is intertwined through the spaces between them.

Raven Voice

The voice inside our heads that tricks us into thinking we are not worthy. The raven is intelligent, adaptable, and can imitate human speech. It can be very convincing. It takes strength to notice this voice, take a step back from it, and be kind to ourselves. Beyond this voice is hope, love, and wholeness. These brave women work with the raven trickster to help others navigate these complexities and connect to their true worth.

Moon Woman

Moon Woman Mixed Media Painting by Melanie Rivers

There is an ebb and flow to the struggles and joys in life- the cycles of the moon show us this. She experiences these pains along with the joyful moments. Struggle is a part of life- it is inevitable. It is a part of being human, what connects her to others. But, in the darkness, she has a light that shines inside her. When she trusts herself and ceases to resist or try to control— her light shines brighter. She relaxes into the flow of life, living each moment in the moment. Not anticipating, being patient and allowing. She chooses to surrender.

Ancient Stone Medicine: Moonstone

Ancient Stone Woman mixed media painting by Melanie Rivers

She is ancient--her energies gathered through time, her wisdom earned through the years. She is solid, holding space for the inward journey—drawing out hidden truths so balance, nourishment and tranquility can be found. She is waiting for you to seek out stillness, accept her guidance, and find your own inner knowing. 

Four Legged and Winged Friends

The animals, birds, and insects have many medicines to share with us-- transformation, flight, perspective, protection, quiet, companionship, and strength. 

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you.
— Maya Angelou

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