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Between Roots and Rings

Workshop Description

Between Roots and Rings, mixed media expressive portrait painting class by Melanie Rivers

The cedar tree is strong and grounded, bringing hundreds of years of wisdom. This workshop will center around the qualities and medicines of the cedar tree (sounds, colours, textures, smells, emotions).

Participants will create their own mixed media painting of a tree woman (or man) using collage papers, book pages, and acrylic paints.

No previous art experience is needed. Melanie will walk you through each step, including writing your own short ‘story’ (3-4 lines) to go along with your painting (no writing experience is needed!!).

Melanie creates a safe and friendly learning environment, giving you the opportunity to explore your own creative expression. 

Materials included:

11 x 14 wood cradle board, collage papers, book pages, paints, brushes


These tree women are strong, grounded. They connect and communicate through their roots— nourishing each other, expressing their needs and warning each other of danger. Each ring tells a story and situates her present within her life’s history— her periods of growth, times of being stuck, her traumas, when she flourished and where her scars are. Her unique story is found within and between these lines. Their story is intertwined through the spaces between them.

No workshop currently scheduled

Please contact me if you are interested in hosting this workshop.

I recently had the honour of working one-on-one with Melanie creating my first multi-media portrait. Faces were not my forte, but it was a fun and challenging process diving into a new medium. Melanie guided me through the process step-by-step, without judgment - just gentle support and encouragement - offering me suggestions and options throughout. I experienced a spectrum of emotions in the process, from surprise at how wonderful some of the techniques looked, to strong negative judgment of my own creation. After getting off the emotional roller coaster of self-judgment, I now look at my painting with appreciation and wonder, and love it enough to place it by my meditation altar! Melanie’s calm and playful style helped me to take creative risks and have fun with the process
— Janey Chang

Workshop fee is refundable up to 7 days in advance of the workshop, minus a 10% processing fee.


Natures’ Medicine: A Mixed Media Creativity Workshop

Museam of Vancouver, Sept 22nd, 2019 12pm-4pm

Workshop Description

Mixed Media art workshop, Squamish, BC, Cheakamus Centre

Create your own nature inspired mixed media piece in this creativity workshop. Using stencils, collage papers, and printed imagery of ferns, ravens, eagles... you will create a layered piece and incorporate textures and words.

Melanie will share teachings from her Squamish ancestry on connecting to the land, animals, and birds. She will guide you through a meditation to connect with the imagery for your piece and lead you step by step in creating it.

By the end of the session, you will leave with your own uniquely expressed piece that you can hang on your own wall or give as a gift. Relax and enjoy yourself in this welcoming workshop held in a safe learning environment. If you are new to art, Melanie welcomes the opportunity to introduce you to it.

Materials included:

10 x 10 wood cradle board (ready to hang), collage papers, book pages, paints, brushes, imagery, stencils, acrylic mediums

Aprons supplied, but wear clothes you don’t mind getting paint on (just in case).

Registration information coming soon.

Workshop Sneak Peak

Create Your Own Set of Medicine Cards

Workshop Description

affirmation card creative workshop

This workshop is for those who want to enjoy a creative activity while engaging in conversation about finding more balance in life. 

Melanie will lead you through the steps to create your own personalized set of Medicine Cards. You will assemble collage elements with words and acrylic paint on to wooden cards. You do not need any art experience to create a beautiful set of cards.

Relax and enjoy yourself in this welcoming workshop held in a friendly environment.

By the end of the session, you will leave with your very own personal set of Medicine Cards. These cards are a reminder tool to help you bring more of what you want in your every day life.

Materials included:
10 wooden cards, collage papers, book pages, paints, brushes, felt pens, medicine words, mini-bag for cards

No Workshops Currently Scheduled

Please contact me if you would like to host this workshop.


Workshop Sneak Peak