Inky Background: Art Video

I LOVE acrylic inks. Have you tried them before? These are the reasons I love them:

  • they are so rich in colour

  • a little goes a long way

  • you can layer on top of them

  • they are watery

If you struggle with perfectionism tendencies (like me), acrylic inks can help because there is little control with them! I have to surrender and allow them to move and flow where they want to. Tilting the page is fun too— watching the ink drip and merge with other colours.

They are very meditative to use and I find myself smiling every time I use them. I enter a state of flow and am immersed in the moment. Pure play!!

Art Video

Here is a short video (6 minutes) where I create a vibrant acrylic ink background. This video is an excerpt from my Earth Mother, mixed media course.

Final Piece

When I first started this piece, I was just playing with acrylic inks. I loved the background so much, that I decided to paint this Earth Mother on it. She became a part of my Earth Mother, mixed media course where we create an expressive portrait and capture her story in a poem.

Earth Mother, mixed media art course

Earth Mother, mixed media art course

She Whispers to Us...

She is steadfast through time

Enduring the cycles

Her heart beats strong

She hosts us with her love

Bringing ancient wisdoms

‘We are all one’ she whispers

Stone, earth, fire, wind

Life connected across oceans, air, and lands

One home- one family

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