Interview and Art Activity: Mind Body Spirit Collage

Art Interview and Creativity Demo with Melanie Rivers, hosted by the University of British Columbia’s Learning Circle

I was delighted to be a guest on the University of British Columbia’s Learning Circle. I hosted this weekly educational webinar in 2018 and it was super fun to come back as a guest. The delightful Cole Daley interviews me on Arts’ Medicines and how art and creativity are healing.

I share:

  • teachings from my Squamish culture on how everything can be medicine

  • how making art has many medicines to share

  • how we can meet the medicine half way. 

  • an arts activity where we create a Mind, Body, Spirit collage on cardboard


  • Cardboard, card stock or thick paper for the surface

  • Text page from an old book or magazine

  • Coloured or patterned paper from a collage pack or a magazine

  • Mod Podge, glue stick or glue of some kind (brush if needed)

  • Scissors

  • Black pen (or other colours)

  • Words printed out (or can hand write words)

  • White paint or gesso (optional)

  • Circular item to trace around (optional)