Talking with Artists Interview: Art is Magic

Artists Interview with Melanie Rivers: Make Create Express, an online art and creativity course

I’m always nervous to do a video interview. In my childhood, teenage and early adulthood years, I was painfully shy. I didn’t think I had anything important to say and I worried what others thought, so I stayed quiet. Is that familiar for you?

I’ve always stretched myself out of my comfort zone and have now spent the last 20 years as an educator and public speaker! Talking about art, creativity, and self compassion are huge passions of mine and I continue to step more and more into my real self. Now, I aim to be me and to not pretend or try to be something I think others want.

So, a long introduction to this interview!! I was thrilled to spend half an hour talking with Galia Alena from Art is Magic, about the joy of creating and the practice of kindness in our creative process.

My Interview:

  • why I create art

  • my journey in becoming an artist

  • what is inspiring me

  • what my creative practice looks like, how I keep it fresh, and how it has evolved

  • how I care for my creative practice

  • and what I wish I knew in the beginning of my creative journey

I hope you enjoy the interview.

Make Create Express: The Creative Journey Continues

  • a year-long mixed media adventure

  • 27 teachers sharing 2 lessons each

  • different techniques, processes and new ways to express your own unique creativity

  • my lessons include ‘Moment of Serenity’ and ‘Journey’. Both are mixed media expressive portrait lessons

My Lessons:

Journey and Moment of Serenity