Portrait Layers: Free Art Video

Do you struggle with feeling stuck with your creativity at times? I recently went through this. It is a horrible feeling!!

Below, I am sharing a time-lapse video of painting of the third layer of a female face. Why the third layer? This is usually the layer where I find her face comes alive. Painting her brought me some healing and joy. I hope you enjoy. Please post any questions in the comments and join my Face Book community to share your creations.

Art Video


Paint colours I used in this demo (mostly Golden Open):

  • Burnt Umber

  • Titan Buff

  • Titanium White

  • Raw Sienna

  • Red Oxide

  • Green Gold

  • Yellow Oxide

Other supplies:

  • 10 x 10 wood cradle board

  • pattered papers and book pages

  • filbert brushes

  • clear gesso

Work In Process:

Work in Progress, mixed media portrait by Melanie Rivers

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